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Malahat Skywalk: A Thrilling Experience for All

Humankind benefits profoundly from experiences of deep nature, and we are grateful to the Malahat Nation for sharing their traditional territory with us.

Photo by Milen Kootnikoff

When you visit Malahat Skywalk, you traverse an elegant, elevated walkway that snakes through a breathtaking arbutus and Douglas fir forest. The path quickly immerses you in the natural beauty of the area as you wind your way to a stunning, one-of-a-kind overlook. After ascending a long circular ramp, you will find yourself at the top of a 10-story spiral tower lookout, the first of its kind in British Columbia. 

At 820 ft above sea level, you can revel in 360-degree views of two countries, including islands, inlets, fjords, sprawling forests, and the gorgeous mountains of British Columbia and Washington State. If this view alone isn't enough of a thrill, you can take a walk on the massive Adventure Net. InCord proudly created the colossal net that hangs suspended partially across the tower's center. This incredible feature adds yet another breathtaking perspective to an already amazing experience.


InCord CEO Meredith Shay oversees the massive Malahat Skywalk Adventure Net project with Netform Production Specialist, Paul.

The impressive net was no small feat of engineering. In partnership with Peak Play Consulting and using steel-enforced Netform™, InCord designers and an expert production crew worked tirelessly to create the net. Their strict attention to detail and meticulous work produced a safe and impressive feature to walk, lounge, and selfie on, much to visitors' delight. This remarkable net draws massive attention and adds an exciting dimension to this already thrilling experience. Looking straight down, you feel a charge that certainly leaves a lasting impression.

After experiencing the Adventure Net, as you prepare to descend, you are given a choice to either retrace your steps down the ramp or take an exhilarating ride down a 65 ft spiral slide. This fun feature is available to everyone over five years of age (or minimum 42" tall), and guests can ride as many times as they like, given they are prepared for the trek back to the top! 


Photo by Milen Kootnikoff



Located on the traditional territory of the Malahat Nation, Malahat Skywalk features Indigenous stories throughout the attraction. Guests will connect to nature and the land's history by learning about the Malahat culture and the trees, birds, animals, and marine life unique to this beautiful coastal region.


Another exciting aspect of this destination is the accessibility it offers. The wide, gently sloping ramp and clear wooden pathways offer superior wheelchair and stroller access. There is a more rugged return trail, but the TreeWalk, Spiral Tower, and all Welcome Center facilities are designed for ease of use for visitors of all abilities. These features do well to highlight the thoughtful design of the park. In fact, Malahat SkyWalk has been recognized with a 2022 BC Tourism & Hospitality Award in the category of Innovation.

Overall, Malahat Skywalk is a beautifully conceived destination. The park makes a point to hold space for the healing power of nature, encourages engagement with the history and culture of the Malahat Nation, and fosters a sense of stewardship for our precious planet and her gifts. These are all principles that we at InCord hold dear and love to see echoed in our projects. So, if you find yourself in British Columbia, we highly encourage a trip to this beautiful landmark. When you do, be sure to tag @incord in your stunning Adventure Net selfies!


Video Credit: Dan Pasmas (pilot/videographer) and Malahat Nation

Photo by Milen Kootnikoff
Photo by Milen Kootnikoff

MALAHAT SKYWALK DESIGN CONSULTANT: Trevor Zahara of Peak Play Consulting


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