Biodegradable Netting Products

Straw Blankets – Temporary

Constructed of certified weed-free, agricultural straw, Excel SR-1 (single net straw) and Excel SS-2 (double net straw) series temporary blankets from InCord offer an ideal solution for rainfall/rainsplash protection on shallow slopes and channel protection for low-risk, low-flow channels. These superior straw blankets incorporate Regular, Rapid-Go and All Natural nettings and are available in both single and double net varieties. Each blanket is manufactured to ensure a consistent thickness and distribution of fibers, allowing for excellent flexibility, moisture absorption and the ability to conform to the soil surface.

Straw matrix temporary ECBs are used extensively for DOT applications on slopes, roadside ditches and swales. The most important features of straw blankets are quality and consistency. Our products use only high quality straw, netting and stitching, produced to the highest possible standards. The coverage is specifically selected to optimize erosion control and mulching for the life of the installation.

Custom widths and lengths are available to cover 200, 500 or 1000 square yards; providing savings in installation labor.

Straw and Coconut Blend Blankets – Extended Term (12 to 24 months)

Excel CS-3 is an Extended-Term ECB comprised of a blended matrix of 70% certified weed free agricultural straw and 30% clean coconut. The blended matrix is mechanically (stitch) bound on two inch centers to Regular or All Natural netting. Excel CS-3 offers extended longevity, compared to straw matrix ECBs, thus providing a longer lasting alternative for moderate gradient slopes and channels.

In the case of a Northern California project, Excel CS-3 All Natural was utilized in the stabilization of a steep slope. Yielding a typical longevity between 12 and 24 months and providing the level of erosion control performance necessary, Excel CS-3 All Natural met the designer’s requirements. The All Natural option was included to allow the entire installation to biodegrade and minimize entrapment of wildlife.

100% Coconut Blankets – Long Term (24 to 36 months)

All of our Long-Term products are manufactured in a double net configuration and consist of an organic matrix intended to degrade over time. Coconut or Excelsior fibers are utilized as matrix materials, providing erosion protection and mulching for a period greater than 24 and up to 36 months. Heavy duty, UV stabilized netting is exclusively utilized for regular, long-term products. Coconut blankets are also available with All Natural netting. Excel CC-4 is a Long-Term ECB comprised of a 100% clean coconut matrix mechanically (stitch) bound on two inch centers between two long lasting nets. The properties of the coconut matrix provide long-lasting erosion protection and the highest level of performance protecting slope installations from rainfall and rainsplash.