Designed for Waterpark Play

Lily Pad Nets are the overhead component of a “lily-pad walk” to help children steady themselves as they walk across the floating pads of the pool. Our lily pad nets are custom made to your material and color specifications. They will match your theme walk with high quality, long lasting custom constructed designs.

InCord lily pad nets are hand made using either of two types of rope materials and four construction methods – choose from an all Netform™ constructed net or a soft body combination net with a fabric covered wire-rope Netform support frame and polyester rope center. We supply stainless steel installation hardware with each net and stainless steel spreader bars if the design requires. An installed net will provide years of use with minimal maintenance.

InCord offers on-site installation.

Lily Pad Solutions

Lily Pad Nets and Netform™ Rope

Netform™ Lily Pad Net are constructed entirely from knot and joint Netform consisting of an integral system of fabric covered wire-rope and synthetic joints. Our signature Netform 16mm rope is steel reinforced, while still being soft to the touch for comfortable play structures. The suspended lily pad net is anchored between four columns and secured with stainless steel anchors and turnbuckles. InCord’s soft body lily pad nets are constructed with hand woven cargo nets and Netform framing ropes. You can learn more about our Netform™ here also.