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Introducing Offset WebNets™ for Racking: Enhancing Warehouse Safety


The offset mount option allows clearance for more oversized products and pallets while protecting against product falls and maintaining flue space.

InCord flush-mount WebNets have long provided a trusted high-tension, low-deflection containment solution for racking. To accommodate applications that require additional clearance, InCord has recently developed an offset configuration that provides containment for oversized pallets and products.

Precision Engineered for Safety

Offset WebNets feature custom-engineered hardware that installs slightly away from the face of the racking, accommodating the depth differential between racks and pallets. This design ensures that the WebNet system effectively catches and contains any items that may fall from the racks, even when dealing with oversized pallets. The offset hardware installs quickly and is adaptable to most rack brands, providing a versatile and effective safety solution.

Tested and Trusted Solutions

While offset WebNets offer a tailored solution for specific clearance needs, the flush-mount WebNets provide a streamlined solution, ideal for environments where space is a consideration.

In addition to their safety benefits, both offset and flush-mount WebNets are durable and provide a reliable solution for your warehouse safety needs. WebNets have been tested to a load rating of 2,500 pounds and are available with or without mesh liners to contain smaller items. Install WebNets on a single rack bay or create a continuous barrier across multiple bays using shared hardware between nets.

Invest in InCord for Your Safety Needs

You can trust InCord to provide your warehouse with the highest quality solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our full line of industrial safety netting systems, customized to suit your application.

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