InCord specializes in OSHA-compliant Industrial Netting solutions that are customized to your facility and optimized for your application.

Our expert engineers and sales managers work with you to create a netting system to suit your facility’s unique specifications. Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks or less.

More Custom Material Handling Solutions from InCord:


CageX  is a ladder cage extension safety net.

Add an extra level of safety to an otherwise unprotected area when ascending or descending an exposed ladder. Extend protection from the top rail to the underside of the ladder cage with InCord Safety Nets.

Consists of a 4″ mesh High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP) net panel, bound with a 1/4″ polyester cord border.

Truck Loading Nets

Fall protection for truck loading platform and trailer-to-trailer gaps.

InCord Truck Loading Nets secure to truck side rails and loading platforms with quick-release flat hooks or snap hooks attached to both sides of the net to catch and contain personnel or cargo that may fall through an otherwise unprotected floor opening.

Truck Loading Nets are constructed using InCord N820 2-1/2″ mesh, High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP) material and feature 1/4″ sewn rope borders for even load distribution and anchoring.

Handrail & Mezzanine Safety Systems

For use on elevated work platforms to fill gaps between rails where products may be stored near an open edge.

• Protects personnel on the floor below
• Reduces product loss/damage
• Retains the use of the handrail
• Can be extended to protect above the railing

Slings, Specialty Straps & Tie-Downs

American made lifting and rigging solutions by InCord.

• Slings, hardware, tie-downs & straps
• Flexible and lightweight for ease of transport
• Safely and easily handle fragile inventory

Truck Nets

InCord Truck Nets keep items contained and protect personnel from falling objects when opening trailer doors. Implement multiple nets within the body of a trailer to keep deliveries separated and organized.

  • Secures loads quickly and easily
  • Customizable to any E-Track configuration or dimension
  • High tension, low deflection containment
  • Optional debris liner


Sliding Rack Guard nets are ideal for pick modules found in warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing environments. This horizontally actuating system can be expanded to multi-bay height and width; allowing an expanding matrix of storage protection.

InCord Sliding Rack Guard (3)


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