Barriers and Partitioning

Visual Barriers

Fine woven Sure-gard™ mesh can be used to prevent people from looking into proprietary or secure areas without erecting walls.


Sure-gard™ mesh can be used to partition areas within a facility. It is lightweight, easy to install and very forgiving. Sure-gard™ mesh is cost effective when large areas need to be cordoned off. A common application is to run the mesh from the top of an existing wire partition to the roof joists.

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Barrier Netting


InCord is an industry leader for Industrial Rack and Conveyor Guard systems.

Each model in our Sure-gard™ series has been tested under the supervision of an independent engineer using ANSI A10.11 test standards and methods for fall protection. Each test is a dynamic test and our Rack and Conveyor Guard is rated in foot-pounds (ft-lb).

Although no specific industry test standards exist for testing Rack and Conveyor Guard, InCord uses this stringent ANSI test method and a 2x safety factor to help you provide the best protection for people, products and plants. For instance, M-3000 is rated at 3000ft-lb and has been dynamically tested to at least 6000 ft-lb.

Test certificates for all Sure-gard™ products are available upon request.

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