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N820SD - InCord Knotless Polypropylene 2-1/2 inch Sand Custom Safety Netting


N820SD is knotless netting with a 21/2 inch square mesh. Knots are eliminated using a balanced knitted construction with filaments running continuously throughout the netting to enhance strength and durability.

HTPP fiber is highly resistant to abrasion, light weight, and is resistant to moisture and chemical exposure.

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P360KS - InCord Knotted Diamond Polyester 3 inch Sand Custom Safety Playground Netting


P360KS is high strength knotted netting with a 3 inch mesh. The knotted polyester fiber construction provides greater abrasion resistance and less stretch than equivalent nylon.

Naturally UV stabilized and moisture/chemical resistant, P360KS is stable netting suitable for a wide range of applications.

Finished netting coated with a latex/urethane bonding agent.

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