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Safety Netting for Sports Arenas

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Safety Netting: A Winning Defensive Strategy for Sports Arenas

There are few places that host more exciting activities than a sports arena. Thousands of people milling about, athletes darting quickly across the fields, and a ball or a puck flying at high speeds. While all of this action sure gets the adrenaline pumping, it also creates safety hazards for players, guests and property. Much of this can be prevented by implementing high-quality and well-maintained safety netting systems. Let’s take a look at the various netting applications within a typical stadium.

Fan Safety

The goal here is to protect spectators, whether sitting or standing, as they are enjoying the game. Barrier netting between the seating areas and the playing field provides the best solution. Netting delivers the benefits of safety, without sacrificing visibility. There’s a major added bonus to barrier netting: while fans are protected, so are the players on the field.

In some settings, perimeter netting may also be used to protect fans from anything going on in adjacent areas such as busy streets or parking lots. Pedestrians and property on the other side are also protected by perimeter netting.

In larger, multi-level complexes, debris falling from higher levels presents another hazard. For these situations, debris netting should be used to catch anything that may rain down. You know, food and beverage containers, scorecards, coins, etc. Read more about outdoor netting here.

Scoreboard/Videoboard Protection

Ever see a football or baseball slam into a scoreboard? Ouch! This causes indentation and potentially more serious and costly damage. It also hurts the overall aesthetics of fixtures that get a lot of attention. If fans aren’t following the players, they are most likely watching a scoreboard or video board. Netting placed in front or behind will help prevent damage while allowing fans to have an unobstructed view.

Inspection, Repair and Replacement

Considering the volume of people, high-energy activity, and exposure to the elements, netting systems in sports settings tend to take on a real beating. Over time, they may not perform as well, eventually creating hazards and liability. The entire netting system and all of its components should be inspected regularly. Look for stretches, tears, frayed threads and other signs of damage. Be sure that your anchoring systems are stable and secure as well. The old adage applies here, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If damage is found, netting should be either repaired or replaced quickly. 

As we’ve shared many times before, safety is our number one concern at InCord. The safety of players, fans and property should always remain a major priority for arena operators as well. Having a well-planned and executed netting program in place will promote a safe and fun environment. It’s a great play for a winning defensive strategy.

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