Cargo Lifting Nets


Cargo nets use a lifting method that draws the corners of a net around its load into a gathered point to provide secure and balanced load carrying. View a product demonstration video of InCord Cargo Lifting Nets by clicking the thumbnail on the left.

HLN118S (3 ton) and HLN2020 (2 ton) are made from high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) knotless netting with square mesh. Knots are eliminated using a balanced knitted construction with filaments running continuously throughout the netting to enhance strength and durability, eliminating the stresses of stitched construction found in conventional web nets. HTPP fiber is highly resistant to abrasion, light weight, and is resistant to moisture and chemicals.

Lift nets utilize a nylon peripheral rope with four reinforced loops that when tensioned by a load, the peripheral rope draws the net together, thereby forming a four-strand load support. An optional four-point load sling (HLN2064) made from four polyester web straps with steel load rings and safety hooks will fit HLN118S and HLN2020 lift nets.

Cargo Lifting Net Literature


Cargo Lifting Nets

InCord Theatre Safety Netting Literature - Cargo Lifting Nets Spec ThumbnailView PDF

Cargo Net Load Sling

InCord Theatre Safety Netting Literature - Cargo Net Load Sling Spec ThumbnailView PDF

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