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Manufacturing Day: Celebrating Our Collaborative Workforce

Staff working on custom netting

Manufacturing Day: Fostering Trust in Our Brand

Manufacturing is a vital part of the global economy, and manufacturing workers play a key role in producing the goods and products. The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, but there will always be a need for skilled workers in this field. We understand that our clients rely on us to deliver high-quality products that meet their specific needs. By consistently demonstrating our expertise and ability to manufacture reliable and innovative solutions, we have built a strong reputation in the industry. Manufacturing Day serves as a reminder of the confidence and trust our clients have in our brand.

Staff in the production process of creating custom nets

A Highly Skilled Workplace

Our brand also includes our workers. InCord has a team of highly skilled professionals with over 500 years of combined experience. This includes designing, manufacturing, fabricating, and servicing custom safety netting. InCord is the largest custom netting fabricator in North America. We have been providing custom netting products to customers worldwide since 1995. Thanks to our team our custom safety netting is found in various applications such as fall protection, theming, fencing, safety barriers, and warehouse safety netting.

Embracing Collaboration and Innovation

As we continue to provide our services we understand that our best work comes from working together. Our team is empowered to share their thoughts and suggestions on how we can enhance our manufacturing processes. We strongly believe that innovative ideas can come from anyone within the organization, regardless of their role. Whether it is through implementing new technologies, optimizing production lines, or improving customer service, we encourage our employees to take an active part in shaping our company's future.

Celebrating Individual Contributions

We believe in recognizing and appreciating the hard work of individuals who contribute to our shared goals. Manufacturing Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the exceptional efforts of our team members. From the skilled craftsmen on the production floor to the dedicated customer service representatives, each person plays a vital role in our success. By acknowledging and celebrating their contributions, we create a sense of pride and motivation within our workforce. 

Educating Future Generations

A special thanks to the students from Bacon Academy, who visited our machine shop! You made celebrating today all the more special! We hope to continue educating future generations on essential skills like manufacturing. A huge thanks to our Metal Fabricator, Justin Collins, for taking the time to oversee and educate the Bacon Academy students. We appreciate you!

Happy Manufacturing Day from all of us at InCord!

About InCord
InCord manufactures custom safety netting solutions and lifting and rigging products for a range of industries. Our woman-owned manufacturing plant, in Colchester, CT, is an ISO-9001 certified facility, housing a team ready to design and fabricate a unique netting solution to fit your needs. InCord was founded in 1995 and is a Connecticut Top Workplace. To discuss an application, request a quote, or obtain technical guidance, please call us at (860) 537-1414, submit a request here, or email us at netting@incord.com.

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