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One Community, One Campus, We Are Stronger Together

With excitement and anticipation in the air, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for 76 Upton Rd marked a significant milestone for InCord and the community. It is the beginning of an exciting chapter for InCord, as they continue to expand their reach and make a positive impact in the field of custom safety netting solutions. The company has built a strong reputation, and with the completion of its new facility, InCord is poised to take its operations to greater heights.

Speeches from Distinguished Guests

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was graced by several distinguished guests who shared their thoughts and well wishes for InCord's future success.

Jennifer Marrozzi, President of Colchester Business Association

Jennifer Marrozzi, the President of the Colchester Business Association, was among the esteemed speakers at the ceremony. She mentioned being proud to have InCord as one of their members and a community business member.

Bernie Dennler, Colchester's First Selectman

Bernie Dennler, Colchester's First Selectman, commended InCord for their commitment to the community and the manufacturing industry. He acknowledged the positive impact the company will have as it continues to grow, providing quality jobs and contributing to the local economy. Dennler expressed his confidence in InCord's ability to continue thriving in their new facility.

Mark DeCaprio, CT State Representative

Mark DeCaprio, a CT State Representative, commended InCord's dedication to manufacturing safety equipment. He highlighted the company's role in fostering a culture of safety and noted the importance of their custom netting solutions in protecting workers in various industries. DeCaprio applauded InCord's contribution to Connecticut's manufacturing sector and presented Meredith Shay-Ritz and Robin Ritz with a State of CT General Assembly Official Citation, offering its sincerest congratulations for this momentous occasion.

Karen DelVecchio, Business Development Manager &
Liz Tullo, Marketing Manager from Pat Munger Construction

Filling in for President of Pat Munger Construction, David Demaio was Karen DelVecchio, Business Development Manager at Pat Munger Construction, she highlighted the collaborative effort between InCord and their construction team. She praised the seamless execution of the project and the attention to detail that went into every aspect part of it. DelVecchio acknowledged the shared commitment to excellence that resulted in the successful completion of 76 Upton Rd. She also shared some inspirational words from David Demaio regarding trust. Liz Tullo, Marketing Manager at Pat Munger, also shared her best wishes for InCord and its future.

Meredith Shay-Ritz, CEO & Owner &
Robin Ritz, Creative Visionary & Owner of InCord

Meredith Shay-Ritz, CEO & Owner, alongside Robin Ritz, Creative Visionary & Owner, of InCord, spoke passionately about the journey that led to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. She shared how the vision of a new structure was nurtured over the years, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring a safe and collaborative work environment for their employees. Ritz-Shay expressed deep gratitude to the InCord team for their hard work, dedication, and patience, especially from the Oakdale team, (now 76 Upton) that had to work away from headquarters for six years. Here are some words from Meredith to the InCord staff:

 “As stewards of InCord, we can all continue the legacy of founders Ed Ritz and Bob & Mary Martin in creating an exemplary workplace, and we hope you enjoy working here in this building. We still need your dreams and hard work to ensure our future and that this will be a workplace that works for everyone. We promise to continue investing in you and in InCord. We will continue to work together to make this a wonderful place to work.

In closing, please join us in celebrating the next chapter of InCord’s history. One community, one campus, we are stronger together.”

Celebrating InCord's Bright Future

InCord's new building is a testament to their expertise, achievements, and commitment to their industry. The company's custom safety netting solutions have gained recognition and trust from clients across various sectors. With over 25 years of experience, InCord has become a go-to provider for businesses seeking top-quality and custom netting solutions.

With its new state-of-the-art facility, InCord is well-equipped to embrace new challenges and set new industry standards in the new year. As InCord embarks on this new chapter, their expertise, customer service, and trust in delivering custom safety netting solutions will continue to guide their path. The future looks bright for InCord, and their commitment to excellence will undoubtedly propel them to even greater success.

About InCord
InCord manufactures custom safety netting solutions and lifting and rigging products for a range of industries. Our woman-owned manufacturing plant, in Colchester, CT, is an ISO-9001 certified facility, housing a team ready to design and fabricate a unique netting solution to fit your needs. InCord was founded in 1995 and is a Connecticut Top Workplace. To discuss an application, request a quote, or obtain technical guidance, please call us at (860) 537-1414, submit a request here, or email us at netting@incord.com.

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