Netform™ Steel Reinforced Rope


A signature offering from InCord Play, Netform™ is a six-strand steel reinforced rope available in 16mm and 18mm diameters that features the strength of steel while remaining flexible and easy on the hands. Ideal for climbing nets, suspension bridges, handrails, lily pad nets and any unique design where high traffic and form retention are paramount concerns, Netform™ lasts for years in even the harshest outdoor environments and has set the benchmark in quality for steel-reinforced rope for over 20 years.

The foundation of Netform rope is a three-strand fiber core, around which six strands of steel wire cord are wrapped. These cords are built with a multi-strand steel wire core which is polypropylene thermo-fixed and finished with a soft, yet durable polyester jacket. The result is a superior strength rope with a breaking strength of several tons, highly resistant to abrasion and UV exposure. (full specifications available upon request)

Netform™ connection hardware incorporates a patented knot ball and T-joint system made of highly durable ABS or High-Density Polypropylene for 16mm rope and pressed aluminum for 18mm rope. Stainless steel terminations and anchoring hardware complete your Netform™ design and ensure years of reliable use within any playscape.

Netform™ Design Studio

How would you like your Netform™ design to function? What size and shape will your design be? What color(s) would you like to use? What terminations will you require? These are a few questions that will begin your voyage toward a fantastic Netform™ design and if you’re not sure of all the answers, not a problem! Our innovative and experienced design team is at the ready to help you create a safe, inspiring and inviting Netform™ structure or component fully customized for you.

Netform™ 16mm

Available in all colors.

Terminations & Joints

Netform™ 18mm

Available in Black and Red.

Terminations & Joints

Installation Services and Site Surveys

InCord Play also offers onsite surveys to help realize your project goals and installation services to complete your InCord Play experience. Get in touch with InCord Play and together, we’ll get your project rolling!


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