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Featured Project: Tiny Home Loft Netting

Featured Project: Custom Tiny Home Netting


July 2021

Now more than ever, people are choosing to make wiser choices about their living arrangements. For so many reasons the tiny house revolution is appealing to eco-conscious and market-savvy homeowners. Whether you are interested in the affordability, the smaller carbon footprint, or the appreciation and resale value tiny homes offer, there are myriad reasons to join the growing tiny house movement.

Willowbee Tiny Homes, a family-owned small business out of Saugerties, NY, offers amazing craftsmanship and customization of tiny homes from design concepts to full builds and even tiny home shells that handy customers can personalize themselves. Recently, Willowbee contacted us looking for help with a loft portion of one of their tiny home designs. Check out the amazing video of the project: 36’ Farmhouse walkthrough. We spoke to Ester Ienuso, owner of Willowbee Tiny Homes, about her experience working with InCord on this beautiful project:

How did you hear about InCord?

We google searched and found your name pop up. We really liked the applications we saw in photos on your website.

Tell us a bit about yourself & Willowbee Tiny Homes!

We are a husband and wife team with 4 kids (who are very much involved with our family-run business and are our biggest encouragers). We got started when we lived in a camper, traveling up and down the East Coast for work with our (at the time) 3 kids. Everything was breaking and flimsy and not well organized for living in it as a family. When we no longer were traveling, we decided to apply my husband’s extensive years and experience in construction to tiny living and started building tiny homes. We gained really great feedback to pour into our designs and have been implementing them ever since.

Tell us a bit about this project (What was most exciting? What was most challenging?)

This project was the biggest tiny house on wheels we have built yet and has so many custom features! It was challenging to fit the many special features into the house in a way that made sense functionally, as well as beautifully!

The kids’ loft, for example, was a big challenge in this! We wanted to have a large, beautiful kids’ loft with an area on one side for sleeping that would have the kids’ beds and feel super cozy, while on the other side be a fun play space for the kids to be creative and play hard!

The loft also had to fit in with the look of the rest of the house, keep an open feel, and most importantly, be extremely safe for the kids. The netting really helped us satisfy all these needs and it turned out beautifully! That was just one example of the challenges of designing with function and beauty in mind. We also incorporated large storage stairs and a built-in doggie crate among other things to optimize the use of space and function.

How did InCord netting enhance your project?

InCord gave us the option to keep a lofted play area and sleeping area safe while also keeping the open feel of the tiny home and creating a super fun feature to climb on in the tiny home.

What was your experience working with us?

The experience was really great! I was a little concerned entering new territory, having never applied netting to our tiny house designs before, but Robin and Jeremy, and the InCord team were so helpful and encouraging and answered all my questions and concerns regarding safety while also keeping it a beautifully designed space.

We are so thrilled with how this project came out and grateful to have been able to work with such a talented team! Thanks, Bob & Ester, for reaching out to InCord for your netting needs. We can’t wait to see more from you.

Thinking of adding a net to your next project? Some benefits of InCord Netting to your tiny (or regular sized!) home:
    • Add SAFETY to lofted areas for young children and adults alike
    • InCord netting is strong enough to withstand grasping and climbing of children
    • Minimal visual obstruction keeps your small space feeling spacious
    • Maximum airflow in lofted areas is essential to comfort
    • Netting is easily repaired or replaced if damaged
    • Our nets are fully customizable to suit your design both structurally and aesthetically

Thinking of making a move to a tiny house? Contact Willowbee Tiny Homes to learn more about how you can get your foot in the tiny door of a big movement.

Bob & Esther Ienuso

(845) 481-2629

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