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What’s New: Aquatic Challenge Course System Makes a Splash


The NinjaCross™ System is an award-winning aquatic challenge course designed for competition pools and recreation centers with aquatic facilities. These systems provide a fun, out-of-the-box approach to new programming and utilize previously unused space in aquatic facilities. This system works great for indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities, and NinjaCross designs their systems to suit each facility to a tee. In addition, the entire system retracts into the air when not in use, leaving the pool free for regular programming.

Creatively designed with interchangeable and customizable obstacles, facility owners can continually create new courses and challenges with a range of difficulties. This variety keeps visitors excited to return. More than 20 exciting obstacles are above, below, and on the water's surface. This variety provides a fully three-dimensional challenge for swimmers and exercisers of all ages and any fitness level.

Many of these aquatic obstacles feature InCord Netform™ material, a steel-reinforced rope designed to withstand the extreme environment of an aquatic facility. Not only is Netform exceedingly strong, the soft-touch polyester coating means the rope is gentle on hands even after repeated use.

We reached out to Steve Wagner, VP of Design and Development at NinjaCross Systems, about his experience working with InCord on this innovative project:

Hey Steve! How did you hear about InCord?
I have been designing aerial adventure parks, rides, and ninja courses for 15 yrs and discovered through researching InCord products for use in our aerial bridges for adventure parks. Once I started designing Ninja courses, the Netform rope was a perfect solution for the different obstacles I was designing and creating.

Tell us about the NinjaCross System and your inspiration to create such a unique challenge course.

Our NinjaCross system is an on-demand fitness system designed to utilize the unused space above competition lap pools. In talking with our clients in the aquatic community, we discovered a huge demand for utilizing the pools beyond just swimming and occasional water aerobics classes. With our background in aerial adventure activities and ninja courses we went about developing a system that could mount above a pool and be able to retract out of the water. This type of system allows the pool to operate as normal but with the push of a button transform the pool into a new activity and opening up to new demographics.

You took such a creative approach to diversifying an aquatic facility's program offerings. What was the most surprising/challenging part of designing this system?

The most challenging aspect was designing the mounting points for the ceiling attachments. Every pool is somewhat unique in how our system can attach. So every job takes some design work to allow our system to seamlessly integrate into the ceiling.

The custom nature of these systems certainly adds another dimension of difficulty when designing. How does InCord Steel-Reinforced Netform™ enhance each NinjaCross System?
The Netform rope allows us to design hanging obstacles that go into the water without presenting an entanglement risk that traditional ropes present. The ability to have a strong, long-lasting rope that is stiff enough to resist wrapping while also being a good handhold was required and Netform was the right solution.

What was your experience working with us on this project?
I have worked with InCord on multiple projects ranging from Aerial Adventure park features to Ninja obstacles to Zoo enclosure netting. It has always been a delight to speak with the different representatives that are able to give their design advice as well as help us incorporate the products into our designs.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Steve. We are thrilled to have a lasting partnership with you, your team, and NinjaCross Systems.

Are you an aquatic facility owner looking to make your site the next talk of the town? Contact Steve at NinjaCross and take your indoor or outdoor pool to a whole new level.

Do you have a new and exciting use for InCord Netform? Contact Sports Netting Expert, Samantha Baudner at 860.531.1062 or to learn more about our range of products and materials.

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