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Safety First, Last & Always. A look at Safety Nets from InCord

As seen in September 2019 Stage-Directions Issue

The Connecticut-based InCord has been making safety nets for over 24 years; making them for a variety of industries—industrial, construction, amusement, sports, environmental. They’ve been constructing theater-specific safety nets for the past 13 years. They offer products to protect cast and crew from set construction to rehearsals, right through the final performance to striking the set. InCord offers OSHA compliant products that effectively reduce these hazards and minimize the risk of injury.

Joe Menhart, Sales Manager, Theatre Division of InCord. “Our company is all about safety and all about netting applications for safety. People should know that we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. We haven’t met a pit that we couldn’t fit.”

Range of Solutions 
In addition to their popular Orchestra Pit Net (OPN), InCord also fabricates other safety nets for theater applications. For load-ins and loadouts, InCord’s Stage Guard net goes from one side of the proscenium to the other and will prevent anyone from getting to the orchestra pit in the first place. InCord also makes nets to cover trap doors in a stage as well as catwalk nets. A lot of things—and people—fall from catwalks as well. A custom fit netting for a catwalk to keep people safe up there in the dark when they’re moving around, adjusting lights during a show, or for setup, or breakdown.” Lastly, since the standard OPN is virtually see-through and does not block light, InCord has released a new product, currently referred to as ‘Light Block’, where they add a scrim over their OPN product to help cut down on the bounce light from sheet music. The standard OPN is virtually see-through and does not block any light or sound—or the view—of musicians in the pit.

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About InCord

InCord has been North America’s largest manufacturer of custom safety netting for over 20 years and is a 8-year recipient of the Top Workplace in CT award by FOX CT and The Hartford Courant. InCord provides custom netting solutions for Material Handling, Construction, Amusement, Sports, Theatre, Service Pits (BayNets™), Specialty, and Environmental/Ecological Restoration markets. InCord’s custom solutions meet or exceed applicable safety standards due to consistent research, testing and direct involvement with renowned safety organizations, such as ANSIOSHA, and ASTM. InCord also offers in-house design, installation and extraordinary customer service for a complete, turn-key experience. Green Bureau Certified Platinum