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Orchestra Pit Nets: Protecting Performers and Ensuring Stage Safety

Orchestra pits are an integral part of any theater or performance venue, providing a designated space for musicians to play alongside the main stage. However, they also pose potential hazards that need to be addressed to ensure the safety of performers. This is where InCord's Orchestra Pit Nets (OPNs) come into play. With their custom-built design and superior quality, the safety netting offers vital fall protection and peace of mind to musicians and stage crews.

The Importance of Orchestra Pit Nets

Safety Fall Protection On Stage

When it comes to stage safety, orchestra pits require special attention due to their unique characteristics. Orchestra pit netting acts as a protective barrier, preventing performers from accidentally falling into the pit while they are focused on their musical performances. By keeping the action on stage where it belongs, OPNs play a crucial role in minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries, this goes for on-stage as well as under.

The article “Flying Skateboards! Plummetting [sic] Meat Grinders! Freak Accidents During Broadway Shows Endangering Musicians: Union” by Matthew Sedacca written on on 12/16/2023, explains the dangers of being a musician in an orchestra pit. It sheds light on falling or flying objects from the stage and into the pits. Not having the proper safety netting becomes a hazard and sometimes life-altering for the musicians working in the pits. This is their line of work. If they cannot play due to an injury from a fallen object, they also lose income, which is devastating. The article mentions this important quote:

“The employer has the obligation to provide for a healthy and safe work environment. When the union comes and says we need protection for musicians and they don’t provide it, it’s a problem,' said AFM International President Tino Gagliardi.”

Orchestra Pit Nets ensure workplace safety by protecting musicians from harm. This safety netting eliminates the fear of injury, which is a significant accomplishment in the theatre industry.

Customization For Any Size Or Shape

One of the key advantages of InCord's Orchestra Pit Nets is their custom-built nature. The netting can be designed to accommodate orchestral pits of various sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for every venue. Whether it's a small community theater or a grand opera house, InCord's OPNs can be tailored accordingly, providing a seamless safety solution without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the orchestra pit.

Constructed For Safety And Visual Appeal

InCord understands that safety is paramount, but visual distractions can hinder a performer's concentration. That's why the Orchestra Pit Nets are primarily constructed using black, knotless high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) material. This material not only meets or exceeds OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards but also ensures visual non-distraction for both musicians and the audience.

How InCord's Orchestra Pit Nets Stand Out

Superior Quality and Durability

InCord's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their Orchestra Pit Nets. The high tenacity polypropylene material used in their construction ensures exceptional strength and longevity, allowing the nets to withstand the rigors of continuous use. Moreover, the safety netting is rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry safety standards, making it a reliable and durable investment for any performance venue.

Proven Track Record

Recognized across North America, InCord has established a strong reputation for excellence in stage safety. Their Orchestra Pit Nets are trusted by professionals in the performing arts industry, including renowned theaters and opera houses. With a track record of consistently delivering high-quality products, InCord has earned the trust and respect of performers and stage crews throughout the continent, just take a look at our testimonials.

InCord Has Your Back!

When it comes to fall protection and orchestra pit safety, InCord's Orchestra Pit Nets are the top choice for venues and performers alike. With their custom-built design, superior quality, and commitment to safety standards, these nets provide vital protection while ensuring seamless integration with the stage. From small theaters to grand opera houses, InCord's expertise and experience make them the go-to solution for orchestra pit safety. Invest in the Orchestra Pit Nets and keep the focus where it belongs – on the stage.


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