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InCord Passes Annual ISO 9001:2015 Audit with Perfect Score

August 16, 2019

InCord has successfully passed their ISO 9001 annual audit for the 11th year in a row, and for the 5th year in a row having passed the audit with a perfect score of zero procedure errors. The ISO 9001 quality program certifies that their business operations including the entire workflow from the customer placing an order, through production, to shipping their order out – is repeatable, traceable and self-correcting, time after time. InCord prides itself on good practice every day through careful planning, doing, learning and improving. High-quality teamwork continually sets InCord apart from the crowd, ensuring their leadership in the safety net industry.

“At the time of ISO consideration in 2007, InCord had already been growing at a steady pace to become the leading safety net fabricator in the US, all within ten short years. By this time, we realized the business model we operated within would be stressed if we did not embrace standardized operating methods. Adopting ISO 9001 soon became a core piece to manage growth while maintaining product and service quality. After all these years, we look back on our forward-thinking decision and know we got it right,” explains Bill Greeley QA & Compliance Manager.

“Our customers recognize the ISO logo as a sign of quality that helps reinforce the business relationship. Suppliers and distributors provide a reciprocal relationship of quality when both are ISO certified,” says Bill Greeley

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About InCord
InCord manufactures custom safety netting solutions for a range of industries. Our woman-owned Colchester, CT manufacturing plant is an ISO-9001 certified facility, housing a team ready to design and fabricate a unique netting solution to fit your needs. InCord was founded in 1995 and is a Connecticut Top Workplace. To discuss an application, request a quote, or obtain technical guidance, please call us at (860) 537-1414, submit a request here, or email us at netting@incord.com.